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Xactimate is a reliable and extremely accurate software that estimates the cost of your construction, repair, or redevelopment of residential and commercial structures. It correlates with every detail of your plan and gives a quick survey and a fast estimate. We can help with set up, training, and ongoing support.

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With a step by step guidance from us, Xactimate provides you with all the tools required to create a professional and precise estimate. Collecting information, evaluating a sketch of the structure, incorporating the project costs involved, and considering the final review before disseminating a result is how the estimation process is simplified to suit the needs of any contractor or client.

Our Services
Our estimating software consulting services help you work with the software so that you can attain fast and accurate estimates for building professionals and of yourself. The ultimate need of our clients can be translated into needing a certified construction estimate that is precise, logical, and timely.

The overall estimating services that can be accessed through Xactimate also cover material takeoffs, project cost management, cost engineering, estimates on building and construction, field audits, and the list continues. When it comes to insurance repair, Xactimate is equipped to deal with the challenge. With our help, the software will provide unit costs for various tasks such as water extraction, mold remediation or cleanup, and so forth.

Xactimate Exclusive Pricing Data

The price list covers floor plans, roof layouts, decks, stairs, and so on. Even if it is an entire wall framing or channels, or maybe headers or top plates, Xactimate offers you an estimate with just one click. It is no longer a laborious task to estimate flooring material. A variety of flooring choices are also provided. By pressing a few buttons, any contractor or even you yourself can specify multiple types of flooring and it can be in the same room too. In a few seconds, the software comes to your assistance by displaying the seam locations or the preferred roll directions.

What is even better is that you are free to amend these suggestions to suit your taste and your needs. The pricing data covers not just material and construction costs but labor costs and labor productivity rates. The overhead is also estimated. This helps any contractor to use this exclusive software at his desktop computer or any laptop in the field. Any further assistance in the use of Xactimate software can be provided by just giving us a call. We have the expertise and customer assistance on hand to help you with any difficulties, technical or otherwise.

Ultimate Benefits
Xactimate specializes in lowering construction costs. There is no need to purchase expensive estimating software. This software gives access to the latest pricing information and helps you save time and money in concocting an estimate. It automatically streamlines your estimating processes. Xactimate software is the answer to all your questions and this is a software package that has been enabling customers to work more efficiently with greater precision for years now. Not only do we use this software but we can train other contractors in its proper use so that the maximum benefit can be gained from it.

Xactimate helps organize and manage your projects. You will be able to overcome any language barrier while making the estimate. Your client may not approve of the estimate and this is where negotiations come into the picture and Xactimate can wear many hats but it cannot negotiate on your behalf. You control that joystick!

The number of insurance companies using Xactimate software for property claims estimations has been on a steady increase. An increasing amount of insurance repair contractors and service providers trust this estimating system and rely on the pricing data. We are at your service and eager to help any professional who could benefit from this software for estimation purposes coinciding with any construction, multi-step project, or repair work.

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