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DBLive DBLive creates a live connection between the takeoff items in your opened job and any Microsoft Excel workbook or spreadsheet, Microsoft Access Database file or virtually any other database file. Update item properties in your job with live real time data with just a few clicks!
Purchase - $1299 per computer

DBLive creates a live connection between your opened job in Planswift and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or workbooks, Microsoft Access Database files and virtually any other database file! Update all of the takeoff items in your job with real time data from your database with only a few clicks!

This is a game changer for any Planswift user that wants to be able to pull in up-to-date data such as item pricing, item numbers, etc.) You can choose and import as many columns of data for an item as you need. If the item in Planswift doesn't already contain the property to be updated, DBLive adds the property to the item for you!

DBLive matches the Name property value in Planswift with items in a search column that you choose in the database file. So if you have a part in planswift with a Name value for Example "2x4x16' SYP#2", it will grab whichever other property values that you want (i.e. Cost Each) and everytime it finds a part in Planswift with the Name value of "2x4x16' SYP#2" it will update the appropriate property values in that part (i.e. Cost Each).

DBLive will connect with and update any item in the Estimating tab (job takeoff) in Planswift with any matching item in a database, then pull any other columns of data needed from the database into the takeoff item (Cost Each, Item Number, Description, etc.).

This plugin includes 1 hour of one on one consulting time via screen share to help you get up and running with DBLive​.

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