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Flooring Bundle

The Flooring Bundle creates a complete takeoff and estimating system for all of your residential and commercial flooring projects.

The Flooring Bundle includes ready-to-go assemblies, database lists and reports that will get you up and running to easily calculate your material, labor, subcontract, equipment and all other items quantities and costs.

The Flooring Bundle will handle all residential and commercial flooring projects. The flooring bundle includes the following":

  • Roll Tool with Cuts, Cutouts, Rotation, Texture, Seams and Undo
  • Takeoff assemblies for roll good flooring.
  • Takeoff assemblies for wood flooring.
  • Takeoff assemblies for laminate flooring
  • Takeoff assemblies for VCT tile.
  • Takeoff assemblies trim and miscellaneous items.
  • Database list for roll good flooring.
  • Database list for wood flooring.
  • Database list for laminate flooring.
  • Database list for VCT tile.
  • Database list for trim and flooring labor.
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