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Intuit QuickBooks

Connect QuickBooks seamlessly integrates TradeTek Takeoff & Estimating Software with QuickBooks.

Import your product catalog from QuickBooks directly into TradeTek as database lists for material, labor, equipment, subcontract and other items. Make product catalog updates in QuickBooks and then import the updates into TradeTek, or optionally manage your QuickBooks product catalog in TradeTek and then import the updates back into QuickBooks.

Connect your takeoff assemblies in TradeTek to the QuickBooks lists as a one time setup. Import your plan files, perform your takeoff in TradeTek with the connected assemblies, then generate multiple customized reports including the QuickBooks data connect report.


Once your takeoff in TradeTek is complete, create the new estimate in QuickBooks. Finally, choose each line item from the takeoff that you want imported into the new estimate in QuickBooks and import the entire estimate with a few clicks!

TradeTek with Connect QuickBooks creates a completely integrated and seamless pre-construction process for QuickBooks users. Manage your QuickBooks database in either platform, quickly perform detailed takeoffs that generate all needed material, labor, subcontract, equipment and other item quantities, then import directly into the new QuickBooks estimate eliminating manual entry.

Connect QuickBooks is available to purchase from the Store tab in TradeTek. The Connect QuickBooks plugin includes a group of sample files that will set up a complete working example of how the integration works, along with a complete user’s guide and tutorial video.


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