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RS Means Costworks

RS Means

For construction costs estimates, RS Means is indispensable software that offers you all the basic guidelines that you need to get the job done right. Total Takeoffs can help. Not only do we use RS Means software ourselves, but we can also train you and your contractors in the proper usage of the software.

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With RS Means, cost estimates will be facilitated and accurate if you know how to use the software in the correct manner. Let our experts help you with set up and ongoing training.

RS Means software is available in many user friendly forms such as CDs, books, and even online tools. The Cost Data Book that they offer is a striking and poignant way to understand all the aspects of cost estimating. Whether you are a part of the construction industry or the insurance industry, this software can be an invaluable resource to you and your contractors.

Protective Benefits

RS Means is renowned estimating software that is relied upon in government contracts as well. This means that the data provided by this estimating software is accepted widely and even government contracts that are based on RS Means estimates are unanimously accepted without further questions. In the event that you are faced with a lawsuit over past projects, use of RS Means estimating software will ensure that you are in the clear as far as the estimates you provided. With a lawsuit that is easy to win, you will be able to salvage your reputation and save on court fees, legal expenditures, and expert witnesses.

Filing accurate tax returns is a cinch when you use this software since IRS auditors will accept the statistics thrown up and fabricated by this software with no qualms or disappointment. Estimations of cost of labor and other variables are easy when this software is put to the right use.

What does RS Means do?

Other than protecting your business on these varied fronts, RS Means is one of the best estimating software available that will help you regulate all costs of the construction process and job. It will help you detect costs in every aspect of your business; and provide accurate estimates so that none of your work is relegated to guesswork or chance.

Estimation using RS Means and with our help will become a cake walk for you and your contractors. You will be able to arrive at estimates based on:

  • Cost - RS Means has an extensive database that provides costs for every unit of material. You can utilize this software to arrive at estimates at various stages of Order of Magnitude, Conceptual Design, Design Development as well as the Pre Bid, and finally the most accurate Bid Phase.
  • Square foot - With professional help in using RS Means software, square footage costs for any type of building can be arrived at.
  • Location - The cost estimates in RS Means are location specific as some areas may offer cheaper construction expenses than others when compared to the national average.

RS Means is a construction estimation database and software that is currently being used by professionals and estimators. It allows you to estimate the costs of appropriate labor, raw materials, as well as any overhead costs pertaining to a specific type of project or location before the construction has begun. The estimates can be based on a variety of factors such as area/square footage, materials, labor as well as location of the specific project. As a project management and construction cost estimate software, RS Means has no equal.

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