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Hurricane Ian ripped through the west coast of southern Florida in September, causing massive wind and water damage throughout the state. As one of the most destructive storms in US history, millions of people, homes, and businesses are facing an uphill struggle to rebuild.

For contractors, it is likely that many of your projects have suffered, leaving you to deal with starting all over and having to figure out the cost of replacing supplies and re-doing much of the work that had been started. For your clients, it will be a battle with the insurance companies to get payouts that will cover the new cost of reconstruction. Fortunately, we offer software that allows you to provide them with accurate and detailed independent cost estimates.

Most of the damage caused by the storm was sustained due to extreme winds and water. Many projects will now have to account for mitigation to resolve any problems that were caused due to these conditions, including water damage, window and door restoration, debris cleanup, tree damage cleanup, building restoration, interior restoration, roofing, and external construction. For projects that were in progress, this was not only a major setback with completion time but also a major setback financially.

Xactimate Estimating Software For Damaged Projects

Ensuring that every aspect of the project is accounted for accurately can drastically impact how quickly supplies and labor can be properly estimated and approved for construction to resume within a reasonable timeframe. Xactimate estimating software is a very specialized platform dedicated to insurance restoration, and our team of independent adjusters can visit your project site and prepare a detailed estimate to assess all the damage.

Rebuilding after such a severe storm like Hurricane Ian will take time, patience, and resilience from everyone who has suffered loss and damage, but there are some tools available, like our Xactimate cost estimating software, that can help the process run a bit more smoothly.

For contractors, it is vital for your business and your clients to have the ability to account for every aspect of every job but especially in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Tensions are high, and tolerance is low; having a reliable system can do more than help restore your project, it helps restore your client’s faith that their project is in the best hands possible, making moving forward with the job easier for you and your team.

If your project has suffered as a result of Hurricane Ian, contact our office to learn more about our estimating softwares!

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