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Planswift Software

While the Planswift program continues to be the leading takeoff and estimating software for the construction industry, many of its users have discovered that they are running into some issues within just a few hours of using the software. The Planswift platform has tremendous capabilities; however, it is only about 10% developed straight out of the box.

This can create difficulties for those who need to tap into the software's potential to meet specific needs that are custom to individual businesses. Most companies rely on the program to help them streamline their takeoff and estimating needs. Yet, if you are not well versed in computer programming, it can be an overwhelming task to get the system to perform at the level you need it to in order to complete the requirements necessary.

For all its many strengths, Planswift does have one flaw, it has been developed using an older, more antiquated computer language and scripting method that even developers don't know, let alone understand. Essentially this means that all the internal tools that are available in the system are outdated. If a developer does not understand the tools available, how can we expect the average user to? This can leave the average Planswift user feeling in over their head when they are simply looking for the program to perform at its full potential for their business.

If you have been using the Planswift program and this sounds familiar, it is safe to say you are not alone and it is not a user error. The program does require some advanced programming to reach its complete capabilities, and that is where we come in.

We have one of the top computer programmers on our team with incredibly advanced development skills, so much so that it enables us to integrate other software programs with Planswift. If you understand the language for multiple technologies, Planswift can work with them but unfortunately, Planswift doesn't not have any good developer documentation, meaning it is virtually impossible to develop it on your own.

Planswift Estimating SoftwareFortunately, we know how to develop and build plugins for Planswift simply because we understand the software fully, from the backend to the front. We have a team of developers and experts in the takeoff business with decades of hands-on experience in the field, all of which are key elements for enhancing the Planswift software. There is literally nothing our firm cannot do when developing Planswift plugins tailored to your company's unique requirements.

We are performing takeoffs every day; the Planswift tech department is not. This gives us a direct perspective on the needs in the construction industry and how they are applicable in everyday situations. We can also assist you with Planswift projects that the average programmer may not have the ability or understanding to do. We have dedicated countless hours to researching and developing our Planswift plugins and take pride in knowing that we have alleviated the need for time-consuming programming necessary for our clients to enhance their licenses. We are the leading third-party developer for Planswift; in fact, they often send clients our way that require more advanced programming than they can provide.

If you have been searching for a way to optimize the Planswift platform for your business but are unsure where to begin, look no further, we can get you up and running to full capacity within days.