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Planswift Services

As a Planswift user, you know that it is one of the most comprehensive and effective programs for creating estimates in the construction industry. Although this software is one of the best of its kind, you are also probably very aware that it is also an extensive process to set up in order to customize it to your company's specific needs.

Most users are reliant on the software to create take-offs but don't necessarily have the time to invest in setting it up, meaning they are only scratching the surface of what Planswift can do. We can help provide all the training, support, and consulting you need to ensure you are getting the most from your Planswift program.

Planswift Consulting: We can remotely access your Planswift system, allowing us to get a clear understanding of how you are utilizing the software. Once we properly assess your process, we can guide you through making it more efficient and productive for your unique needs. We can also offer custom estimate reports as well as material reports or both if needed.

Total Takeoffs, Inc has experienced and knowledgeable consultants available for immediate support for issues like:

  • Importing plugins
  • Creating parts
  • Using advanced properties
  • Using beam and joist tools
  • Creating assemblies
  • Creating drag and drop assemblies

Planswift Support: Like any other software program you have used, you have probably had an issue requiring immediate help. This means you have likely encountered the frustration of having to wait on the phone to have someone assist you through tech support. Fortunately, we offer an alternative solution. Total Takeoffs offers immediate support because we can access your computer remotely and quickly fix whatever problems you are encountering. This enables you to resume writing your estimates and complete takeoffs in an efficient and timely manner.

Planswift Help: We want to make sure to get you up and running with your Planswift program and plugins quickly and efficiently by providing the most complete and comprehensive support and training available. Although we can not assist you with issues you may have regarding your Planswift account, licensing, or system malfunction, we are always on standby to help you with your plugin software needs.

Planswift Enhancement Suite: We have a reputation for being the best Planswift consulting company that is independently owned and operated. We are known for our Planswift plugin store, which offers clients an entire suite of plugins for most trades.

Planswift ServicesThis option is extremely popular since it requires no long-term commitment while also being more affordable. Do you need a more customized plugin for your building and estimating process? Complete the form with the details and specifications for your customization project!

Planswift Training: If you are new to Planswift, you may feel like the basic training you received with the license just isn't enough, and you may want some more additional training. We offer advanced 1-on-1 training to help you feel more confident in using the program, teaching you how to create a variety of assemblies like:

  • Linear assembly
  • Custom lists
  • Drag & drop assemblies
  • Point count assembly
  • Custom estimate templates

If you are among the many Planswift users and are looking to expand on your training and software capabilities, Total Takeoffs Inc has you covered.