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Planswift Estimating Software for Construction

The construction industry is an intricate one with many different areas to account for when bidding for jobs or writing estimates like the cost of materials, labor, and sub-contractors. The Planswift plugins we have developed simplify the process of creating construction estimates as much as possible. Often, we find that other estimating programs or software do not allow for as much flexibility within the system, so it can require more time spent to properly account for all the details.

Our plugins are written for construction professionals by construction professionals. We look at every facet of writing an accurate and precise estimate and provide the easiest way to achieve that, resulting in a highly effective estimating software system.

We have worked tirelessly over the years to develop plugins for the Planswift software that are tailored to the construction industry. For over 25 years, we have been perfecting our plugins so that there is no field that is not covered when bidding a job and planning estimates. Our plugins are set up the same way, so once you have a solid understanding of how one works, the rest are easy to navigate, so you can have your systems in place for a more efficient workflow the next day.

Our plugins are extremely versatile and cover all areas, including:

  • General Contractors : This is our most complete plugin. It is complete with assemblies for foundation, drywall, concrete, insulation, siding, metal, and more. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for GCs.
  • Project Estimate : This is a perfect plugin for GCs, Sub-Contractors, and Developers alike. It makes it simple to create accurate estimates quickly, and the bonus is that it is entirely customizable.
  • Framing : The framing plugin makes all structural and non-structural framing estimates a breeze with assemblies for stick, truss, and wall framing as well as roofs, deck, beams, or column framing.
  • Planswift Plugin for Construction EstimatingDrywall : The drywall system can handle the most complicated projects, including assemblies for ceilings and walls, with abilities to add multiple board types, fasteners, compounds, tape, corner beads, and more. The drywall plugin will allow you to complete quick and precise takeoffs for any finish.
  • Concrete : The concrete estimating plugin has assemblies for elevated slabs, continuous footings, concrete beams rebar, and more for your concrete takeoffs.

These are just a few examples of how our plugins make it easier and faster for construction professionals to prepare their estimates. We also have plugins for lumber yards, masonry, deluxe interiors, siding, and more.

While we offer the most comprehensive line-up of Planswift plugins on the market, if you don't see one that matches your company's specific needs, don't stress about it, as we also offer custom plugins. Simply send us your specific requirements, and we will provide you with a quote for creating a system that will complete all your individual estimating needs.