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Construction Estimating Australia

Planswift has become the leading takeoff and estimating software available for the construction industry in Australia. Though more than 60 countries worldwide have grown to rely on the Planswift program, Australia continues to be one of the most influenced markets to date. Planswift is a complex program that allows professionals in all trades to continuously grow and benefit from its estimating capabilities.

While the Planswift program has proven to greatly improve a business' ability to complete takeoffs and estimates with more accuracy, fewer mistakes, and faster, we realized that there was a need for more comprehensive tools within the program.

That is why we have worked relentlessly for the past 25 years perfecting our plugins. The plugins we create are from the vantage point of construction professionals instead of that of a software developer. We have extensive knowledge in the construction industry and are well versed with the complexity of the requirements that need to be met in the field. This key difference in our approach keeps driving Australian professionals to depend on our Planswift plugin systems.

While there are many companies out there that utilize Planswift, when it comes to taking full advantage of the software's capabilities, most barely scratch the surface, using minimal features. Although its minimal features are extremely useful, they do not always allow for the most streamlined or time-saving processes. This is why the use of our plugins can be so beneficial for our Australian market.

Benefits of Planswift Plugins

Versatility - Our plugins are created to be as efficient as possible with even the most intricate and detailed jobs. Throughout the years, we have rarely seen an instance where our program couldn't handle a situation easily; in these cases, we simply developed a new solution. The result is a program that has many years of experience built directly into it.

Flexibility - The construction industry is an intricate field making it extremely important that the estimating tools are designed with the flexibility to accommodate the specific ways each individual builds. As part of the construction industry ourselves, we understand this need and develop our plugins intentionally to provide that flexibility, making it possible for fast and accurate bid reports tailored to individual needs.

Construction Estimating AustraliaIntuitive - Other estimating software seems to lack the flexibility within their takeoff tools to adequately provide for all project situations. This lack of maneuverability can make for a more time-consuming process to ensure that all the necessary details are covered for each takeoff. Our plugins have been carefully designed to provide the flexibility needed making the Planswift program the most intuitive software system out there.

User Friendly - When we sat down to develop our plugins, our number one priority was to make them as easy to use as possible. We worked diligently to create a system that was straightforward, using terms that were straightforward and simple to understand for those in construction trades. The plugin system requires a small amount of time for users to get familiar with the inner workings, but once that is done, you can be fully operational within a day or so. We made it so that all plugins are designed the same way so that once you understand one, the rest are even easier to navigate, resulting in an extremely user-friendly program.

General contractors in Australia can now manage projects of any scale with more precision and faster calculations while adjusting cost projections becomes a more simplified process. The market for the Planswift program and plugins continues to grow in Australia simply due to the fact that the software takes bidding estimates a fraction of the time it once did with more ease and accuracy.