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In today’s climate contractors are being faced with an unprecedented lumber shortage. With it being so hard to get supplies, it is more crucial than ever to provide lumber lists and takeoffs at a more rapid rate to avoid construction delays and price increases from local suppliers.

Total Takeoffs is working tirelessly with contractors to help expedite customer’s requests by staffing multiple estimators to one project in order to get their takeoffs back in half the time.

Lumber Shortage:

There are many reasons we are seeing an increase in price and shortage in supply for lumber. Supply chain issues have increased globally with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic driving prices to an all time high.

Although supply began to catch up with demand late last year, we are faced with more setbacks continuing to drive prices as shortages spike again. Here are some of the factors currently affecting the lumber market.

  1. Construction Boom: The demand for housing continues to increase, this puts enormous pressure on the supply chain. The supply chain continues to be impacted by the pandemic with a shortage of workers, the transportation networks that are heavily relied upon to move the lumber have drastically slowed as well as the sawmills which is slowing down production.
  2. Logistics: A recent strike in Canada has also had a large impact on the lumber market. Many Canadian producers just can’t get enough railcars to keep shipments moving. This creates a larger inventory supply at the mills and very little in the field. It seems to have created the perfect storm when mills began producing less while there was a housing shortage.
  3. Weather Conditions: A surge in coastal wildfires has hit the U.S West Coast and a large portion of British Columbia, additionally, heavy rains had a large impact on Canada which destroyed large numbers of key transportation routes.

With so many factors in play making it harder to obtain lumber supply and prices fluctuating, contractors are looking for takeoffs to be their security for projects. It has never been more important to avoid ordering delays and shortages because you are waiting for your lumber yard to do the takeoff.

Why loose weeks, when Total Takeoffs can help ease the anxiety by ensuring that your framing takeoffs are provided in record time with precise accuracy for the job at hand. This helps contractors rest assured that they can complete a project on time and by avoiding potential delays or unexpected price increases from local suppliers.

Don’t let the lumber crisis derail your next bid. Contact Total Takeoffs so we can expedite your next framing package at an affordable price!

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