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Mark Systems Integrated Homebuilder Management System (IHMS) Estimating Software is a widespread database that offers support and software for every aspect of homebuilding. With step by step guidance from us, contractors and estimators will be able to receive the most accurate estimates pertaining to every homebuilding need.

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The sharing of important information becomes a cinch with the use of IHMS as it a single database system. When it comes to home building and estimating software, IHMS Estimating Software leads the market. Not only have we used this software ourselves but we also have experience in helping professionals and contractors understand how to make the most of the system.

Single Database Benefits
Construtech has named Mark Systems as one of the 50 hottest software companies. IHMS Estimating Software enables home builders, owners, and contractors to consolidate every building operation in one single database platform. This integrated system includes all aspects of home building such as estimating, project management, bid management, customer as well as service management. Since it functions through one database, all information and statistics from these aspects can be logged into a single platform. Our estimating software consulting services will help you use this single access point so that your company gains the maximum possible benefit from it.

Every Aspect of Home Building is Covered
IHMS Estimating Software helps a variety of professionals in every stage of home building. Professionals will be able to share their progress and undertake any job more productively when this system is used properly. IHMS Estimating Software can help people who enact a variety of roles in any venture such as:

  • Home buyers and owners
  • Accounting professionals
  • Construction management and supervisors
  • Company management
  • Sales department
  • Design consultants
  • Purchasing
  • Warranty representatives
  • Trade partners

For the accounting personnel, IHMS Estimating Software allows for full fledged multi company accounting as well as usage of the General Ledger Module. Construction supervisors or superintendents, on the other hand, can make use of the Superintendent's Personal web portal and Internet toolkit so that they can be in touch with every aspect of the building job and create estimates even while on the go. With help from us, you will be able to understand the nature of the IHMS Estimating Software which will bring about maximum productivity.

Exclusive Pricing Data
Price management becomes very easy with the correct use of IHMS Estimating Software. Maintenance of accurate prices and estimates from any vendor is an important aspect of price management while home building. These rates also have to be the most up-to-date ones. IHMS Estimating Software enables Contact Bid and Material Price Worksheets that are accurate, current and automatically generated. Creating estimates could not be any easier. We can conduct initial and ongoing training for your team in the use of IHMS Estimating Software.

Make the most Of IHMS Estimating Software
IHMS Estimating Software is the only software that exists in the industry that offers an integrated database specifically designed for use by residential property developers and builders. Just having the software is not enough; you and your contractors need the right assistance to enable you to gain the mast out of the software. This single database system is primed to solve all your residential building and developing problems and our professionals will help you master it.

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We help you perfect your estimates

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