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Home Renovations/Additions

Are you planning to put on a new addition or renovate your existing home and you need to know the potential construction costs upfront? We provide to owner-builders from all around the country, an itemized construction cost estimate.

Before starting construction, having a good set of building drawings from a local reputable architect NOT an online drafting service is an absolute must! Your architect must provide a set of drawings that shows all the “existing” conditions to your home and all the “proposed” spaces. This includes good details with notes explaining the scope of work in the existing space such as “are you removing and replacing all the existing baseboard?” Once your designer has finalized them, send them to us and for a minimal fee of $35, we will examine the quality of the drawings and prepare a written analysis with our observations.

Are you trying get a construction loan to finance your new addition/renovation? If so, we can prepare a bank level estimate so you can submit to your loan officer. Many homeowners request a takeoff list from their local home improvement stores to price out and then get labor bids. That is an extremely tedious and slow process, especially when you are not a professional. First, the home improvement stores will put you to the back of line since you are not one of their pro customers. Most importantly that is unnecessary without securing the construction loan first. We can quickly and accurately prepare an estimate detailed enough for your bank to award you a construction loan! We have a subscription to Craftsman 2022 National Home Improvement Estimator which is the industry’s leading cost data subscription for preparing new home construction estimates, which is recognized by banks as being a reputable source. The estimate is itemized for every trade and discipline of construction. Click on each report to see an expanded view.

Click on each report to see an expanded view

We also provide the following services needed once you receive your building permit:

  • Material takeoffs
  • Value engineering
  • Procurement assistance

Save 25% on building costs when you have us prepare a material takeoff so you can order direct from your local building supply retailers and issue labor-only contracts, just like the professionals!

Professional remodeling contractors hire us to manage these tasks, so why would you take on one of the most complex undertakings without the proper skills?

Ready to get started, hit the red Request a Takeoff or Estimate button to get started!

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