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Home Damage Estimates

No matter where you live, there is no escaping the effects of mother nature. We all know at some point, we are going to be impacted by severe weather conditions; fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes affect millions each year, especially here in the United States. For some, the damages sustained from extreme conditions will be minor; for many, they will be devastating.

Dealing with damage to your home or property is stressful enough, but then having to deal with the insurance companies to ensure you get the money you deserve to help with repairs can be an even bigger headache.

Total Takeoffs specializes in residential home damage estimates to help you get the right amount for your claim.

Have you been affected by the fires in California? Or maybe you’ve been hit by one of the many devastating hurricanes that swept across the south, hitting millions in Texas, Louisiana, or Alabama, or you may have endured the destruction of a tornado in the Midwest.

Regardless of which was the cause of the damage to your home, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company so that you can begin to rebuild. Unfortunately, in many cases, when you receive an estimate from your insurance adjuster, it is far lower than what it actually costs to repair the damage. The good news is you do not have to accept their quote; you are entitled to an independent estimate.

When Your Quote is Too Low

Understanding how your policy and coverage work is crucial when dealing with insurance claims. Your policy may state that you are covered regardless of the current cost in today’s market for supplies, or it may account for depreciation, meaning you are covered at the value prior to the damage. These are key factors to discuss with your insurance agency prior to filing a dispute against your quote.

Once you have decided to move forward, you will need the backing to show that what you estimated is far lower than what the actual cost of repairs will be. Total Takeoffs can provide you with a complete and accurate estimate for repairing fire, smoke, wind, or water damage so that you can submit compelling documentation to the insurance company from a highly reputable company for them to consider adjusting your claim amount.

Fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes are not only destructive to homes and businesses, but for many, they can be life-altering. Dealing with the insurance companies alone is the last thing you want to add; we can get you fast and accurate estimates so that you can begin to rebuild.

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