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Are you a civil contractor who is using HCSS (HeavyBid) software to help you bid on your projects? If so, you may find that you and your employees sometimes need help navigating the finer details of the software. Total Takeoffs offers civil construction companies HCSS consulting services so that you and your team can continue to improve your knowledge and usage of the products.

Total Takeoffs has a dedicated HeavyBid expert estimator available to help you improve your current process with expert analysis to ensure it is at its most effective. Our HeavyBid trainer will help you learn new updates and more advanced features of the software so that you can improve the integration of all your HCSS products along with other software programs you utilize to run your business.

HCSS Consulting Services Implementation

If you have just incorporated the software or are a new user, Total Takeoffs offers a comprehensive implementation process specifically designed to help save you time, money, and frustration with easy incorporation into your existing workflow, which includes:

  • Discussion of your current processes and how to make them work with the new software
  • Help you create new plans for your rollout
  • Review and import updated data into your system
  • Help train staff to ensure success

We also help online through webcam discussions, training, and a walkthrough, as well as remote configurations with our implementation team. For those who find it more difficult to coordinate online training, Total Takeoffs offers a classroom option as well.

Virtual and In-Person Training

For new users, learning new software can be overwhelming, let alone trying to navigate the more advanced features available. With in-person training, we can offer a crash course for those who are new to the program and more in-depth training for those who are already using with codebook workshops covering subjects such as:

  • Auditing your usage of HeavyBid
  • Starting to take quotes in HeavyBid
  • Soliciting bids from HeavyBid
  • Closing the bid efficiently
  • Understanding reports
  • Equipment setup
  • Material setup
  • Labor setup
  • Crew setup
  • Excel integration

HeavyBid software can be an integral part of your business when you understand its full capabilities. We have become experts in using the software so that we can help our clients better understand how it can increase their performance and solidify more bids. Your success is our success. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you increase your knowledge and implementation of HCSS, call us today at (833) 686-2727.

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