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Finding the Right Software for Construction Jobs

Finding the right software for construction jobs is easier than you think. There are many options that can provide you with the speed and accuracy that have become essential to stay competitive. Even if you are not very tech-savvy, you can still take advantage of new software developments.

Software for construction comes in many forms, from simple Excel-based spreadsheets to integrated CAD options that run in a Cloud based platform. They can be tailored to your trade: concrete, framing, flooring, electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.

These programs run the gamut from one end of the price spectrum to the other. Various types can work off of an iPod or your existing Mac or PC. Some can integrate 2D and 3D data to offer a complete building information model in just a few minutes.

What they all have in common is enhanced speed and accuracy. In this way, the new digital tools allow firms of all sizes to be competitive in today's market. They allow more contractors to bid more jobs.

Advantages of Automation
At the most basic level, software for construction takes the guesswork out of doing takeoffs. It offers amazing advantages not only in accuracy and processing, but also consistency, project management and the procurement process.

Contractors who are taking the time to learn about these new-age tools are the ones who are pulling ahead of the pack.

Software-based estimating takes one-tenth of the time of by-hand methods. In addition, it:

- Allows you to add and edit data

- Is adaptable to your business

- Lets you factor in your overhead

- Allows for better communication among all participants: engineers, architects, clients and various contractors

- Greatly reduces waste

Why Upgrade?
Your survival in today's building market depends on fast turnaround time and bids that are complete and on target. With today's software options, you can do calculations in minutes - not hours and days. You can feel confident that your result is as accurate as possible. You can also enhance your customers' sense of confidence. Automated estimates are more professional and almost universally expected.

How to Choose the Right Software for Construction Jobs
Program cost is often the determining factor in purchasing. But you need to think about what you get for your money and what you need as a company. Remember, cost is only one factor. When choosing software, also consider:

- Who is going to use it?

- Is it more than you need or just right?

- Does your choice require an upgrade in your computer equipment?

- How much training is required and does the supplier offer user support?

It is wise to consult an expert in construction estimation for answers. After all, it is a big step for some companies to jump into the digital age. Construction was done for thousands of years in pretty much the same way. Then power tools replaced hand tools. The shift to new technology from calculator and ruler is the same thing: it is the new standard.

If you or your employees don't feel you're tech-minded enough to handle the changes, you need to look into it more closely. With the right training and the right tools, you can find a user-friendly format that renders accurate estimates. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain through automation.

Software-Based Estimation is "Green"
If you need another reason to utilize automated takeoff tools, consider the environmental impact. Using software means less waste. The entire process can be paperless, saving natural resources. It greatly reduces excess materials because you order the right quantity at the right time.

You also save on transportation and storage costs when you order just what you need during the phase you need it. Therefore, automated estimating not only helps your bottom line, it is good for the planet. Finally, it is looked on favorably with the growing number of clients who are conscious of lightening their carbon footprint.

Software for construction jobs is more user-friendly than ever. It can require only a minimal investment, and the benefits will leave you wondering why you didn't take advantage of today's tools sooner. However, it is never too late to start. Contact an estimation software expert today.

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