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Estimation Software

Estimation software offers a highly accurate way to do material takeoffs that is also amazingly user friendly. Imagine presenting your customers with a bid that took you minutes, not days, to produce; one that is light years ahead of the old ruler-and-calculator method; and one that offers you total confidence in its accuracy.

We are the leader in takeoff solutions, and we can show you how to reap more profitability and productivity. The programs fit your budget and your specialty.

Whether you are a large, established company or one that is smaller and eager to tackle more challenging projects, the new generation of estimation software will make your jobs go more smoothly. It allows you to bid on a greater number of projects with more efficiency and a smaller margin of error.

It has become a game-changer in the construction and contracting industries. Just point and click. These advanced programs can help your bottom line in many ways.

- Speed: Enter data, get cost breakdowns for all components, and do analysis in seconds. The software does it all.

- Accuracy: Calculate square footage, linear footage and volume in seconds - virtually free of the human error factor. It makes it simple to give spot-on estimates to your customer.

- Professionalism: When you use quality estimation software, it automatically lets your customers know that you have a firm grasp on the most advanced technology. It inspires confidence and trust - in short, it reflects positively on your organization.

- Better project management: Gain greater confidence in the procurement process, project analysis and risk assessment. Budgeting is hassle-free and communication is enhanced.

- Consistency: Software can use historical data to assist in estimating a particular type of job. You do not have to reinvent the wheel with every estimate. And everyone involved has the same information.

Is It Affordable?
Many smaller companies assume they cannot afford estimation software like the industry giants. You do not necessarily need all the bells and whistles of expensive products, and learning to use the simpler programs is easy for just about everyone.

As your solutions provider, we can guide you on the best fit for you. We will never sell you more than you need, and aim to make sophisticated solutions affordable. We aim to level the playing field for many types of projects.

Desktop Estimator
Among our most exciting solutions is this new, copyrighted, Excel-based program. It allows builders and contractors to do their own takeoffs without a hefty investment in software for construction. It makes takeoffs and estimates simple and straightforward - using only your desktop computer.

- It produces an itemized bill of materials that is just as accurate as more expensive programs.

- It can be used as a stand-alone product. You do not have to have any other takeoff program.

- It can also be used with your existing software, such as Planswift, On-Screen Takeoff, or a digitizer.

- It interfaces with most programs, allowing you to display files without the time and expense of printing.

It is ideal for concrete, lumber, masonry, plumbing, drywall, painting, millwork, roofing and more.

You employees will be more productive, your expenses will decrease, and delays will be minimized with the right estimation software. You will know exactly what materials you need. You will be able to break out all costs involved from parts to labor, and you will be able to make adjustments throughout the process.

The Leader in Estimation Software

As a company that has done takeoffs and estimating for more than 30 years, we want to serve as your allies as you enter a high-technology estimating realm. We sell, train and consult with construction and contracting companies throughout Florida, the Caribbean and around the nation. Let us use our expertise to help you boost revenue, volume and productivity.

The time to implement estimation software is now. Don't wait until that big job looms. By investing now and familiarizing yourself, you will be ready to seize new opportunities. Call now for a free consultation.

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