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As most contractors know, government bids are complex and present many challenges. Between purchasing agents squeezing you for every penny and the red tape, it can be extremely frustrating, but for many firms it is a major source of revenue. You know that bidding government contracts is highly competitive and typically the low bidder is the determining factor for who is awarded the contract. Therefore, providing proper and accurate task order estimates are crucial to these types of bids. Total Takeoffs is committed to providing contractors with the most precise government estimates available to ensure you have the best chance possible for landing and acquiring government contracts.

Our Experience Estimating Task Orders

We know that sometimes the task orders can be very light on details and information, which our hands-on construction experience comes into play! It is critical to have a company that understands the necessity for meeting the task order requirements and making sure the task order estimate has the applicable RS Means cost items!

With our strong experience estimating government task orders, we can fill in the blanks so that your estimate will not draw a lot of attention or come into question. We include an hour of phone consultation after we send the estimate in case you have some questions and need us to explain our observations and qualifications we made in the estimate.

We can also provide a Bar Chart Construction Schedule in Excel for scheduling all the tasks that need to be performed.

Helping Set Aside Contractors

We assist veteran contractors, and small business enterprises such WBE’s and MBE’s navigate the eligibility requirements for benefit programs. Each year, there is a budget held and designated to award veteran owned small businesses, they are also eligible to buy excess land from the government.

We have a subscription to RS Means to prepare the Task Order Estimate:

RS Means is the standard for bidding government task orders and is a requirement for most government contracts, so if you do not have a subscription, you cannot bid government task orders. RS Means is very expensive and extremely difficult to use. The RS Means database contains over 85,000 unique items, however if you have never used the software, it is extremely difficult to navigate and very challenging to produce the correct estimate report that meets the task order requirements.

If you are looking to increase the amount of government construction bids for your business but are not as familiar with meeting the Task Order requirements nor have a subscription to RS Means, we can assist you with your task order estimates. Total Takeoffs specializes in preparing for government contractors who are looking to bid federal jobs especially within the VA and DOD.

It is imperative that you do your homework when selecting an estimating service provider, especially bidding on a government project so that you are prepared and have plenty of time, as it may take a while to get prequalified. This is where the knowledge and experience we offer at Total Takeoffs is invaluable. We want to make sure that you are armed with the proper information and the best data and services available so that you can not only secure these high value bids but also complete the project with as little variance as possible, avoiding mistakes that could not only hurt your bottom line but also your company’s reputation with those government agencies.

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