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Estimating Software Consulting

One of the services we offer which no other estimating service offers, is we provide estimating software consulting. We go through the analysis process with you then recommend and finally help implement the system.

We are proficient with Planswift and IHMS Mark Systems. We use these two estimating systems in our daily operation. We have also networked with other estimators who use Quest Estimator, ProEst, RS Means Cost Works, and BidPoint XL. So we can provide software consulting with any of these six estimating systems.

Software Recommendation
There are so many estimating systems on the market and making the right choice is difficult. Because we use some of the most common estimating programs we will take away the frustration and save your company time and money.

We will analyze your current cost control processes and your goals to determine which estimating system is best suited for your needs. Our recommendation on software procurement is unbiased; we receive no referral fees or commissions from any of these software companies. We have a fiduciary relationship with our client, you the builder.

Looking for an Integrated Management System?
We recommend Integrated Homebuilder Management System for residential builders searching for a fully integrated construction management system. It works well whether you are a custom homebuilder or a track builder. IHMS manages the back office and front office with a single database.

It has all the necessary tools to manage your construction business including sales, developments, document management, purchasing, estimating, scheduling, accounting, and warranty. It also has a web portal for your clients, supers, sales staff, vendors, and subcontractors. All purchase orders, work orders, service orders and scheduling is managed via the "Internet Tool Kit", which also is a nice feature for those companies trying to go paperless.

Our company reviewed other construction management systems and determined IHMS is the best product for the money.

Looking for a Takeoff and Estimating System?
We recommend PlanSwift for doing takeoffs and staff an estimator who is proficient using it. Although we use Quest Estimator and ProEst, we prefer to use PlanSwift for doing takeoffs and estimates. So if you are a contractor using Planswift, we can provide you with estimates in a format that you can easily recognize, as well as assist you if you are a new user to the system. We can help train your estimator as well as support you with the system at a fraction of the cost compared to what PlanSwift may charge you. You have the option to use a digitizer with paper plans or do your takeoffs on-screen with digital plans. We can help you install a digitizer with PlanSwift or any of the other takeoff software we support.

Software Implementation
Once we help you determine the best estimating system for your company, we can provide on-site support. We will help you during the conversion, database set-up, implementation, and daily use. We take you step by step on properly using the software in your daily operation. We can train your employees so there is no down time with your managers.

We can save you lots of time and energy because we have been through some of challenges with implementing and actually using these estimating systems day-to-day. You will receive the benefits from our mistakes.

Many contractors due to the economy are in no position to purchase an expensive estimating system. The costly upgrades and monthly maintenance agreements are an on going cost that can be a financial burden during these tough times. Then they discover that the estimating system they purchased does not perform to their expectations nor have all the features they need.

We can help. We have built some Microsoft Excel templates that you can purchase. We offer an estimate and takeoff spreadsheet that will help you quickly quantify the material items. All you do is enter the square feet and lineal feet where required and the spreadsheet will calculate quantities of rebar, concrete, and block just to name a few. Then it sends those quantities to a summary sheet which can be sent to your vendors for pricing. Once you receive the pricing back you now have an estimate. You provide us with item codes and cost codes and we will incorporate them into the template. Most of these expensive estimating systems are no more than super-charged Excel spreadsheets.

Total Takeoffs can help make the whole process of purchasing, implementing, and using an estimating system a pleasant experience. Or if you decide to save money and purchase one of our Excel estimating templates we will help you get started. With the housing market in a slump, now is the best time to get started with implementing an estimating and cost control system.

We have dedicated an entire page to takeoff and estimating software. We provide you with an overview of the software and links to the websites so you get additional information.

Below is a complete list of the construction estimating software we use with our network of qualified estimators.

Estimating Software

Estimating Software Support

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