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    As a former painting contractor, our estimator understands the unique details required when you are trying to put a painting project estimate together. As a professional, at some point, you may have likely gotten yourself into a bind by not reading the plans correctly and therefore bid the job incorrectly!

    This can be an extremely stressful and frustrating situation; this is why we prepare takeoffs, paint gallon lists, man-hour estimates, and complete turnkey labor and material estimates for painting professionals.

    Whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial job you are working on, we offer the most accurate and detailed estimating materials by using Planswift and OST takeoff software as well as citing the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association (PDCA) standards.

    Labor and Material Takeoff Estimates

    We understand that it is crucial to any painting job to understand all the ins and outs of the job at hand, such as removing areas like doors and windows, how to prepare walls, how many coats of paint and primer are necessary to complete the project, and the height of the walls, so you know whether scaffolding is required.

    Painting Takeoff Estimate ServiceYou also will need accurate numbers so that you can determine whether you have the resources to complete the job or not. When you are working on a commercial complex, you have to know the number of buildings you will be doing and how many rooms for each of the buildings; it is a lot to account for and manage, and if your numbers are off, your financial resources can be in jeopardy.

    Because we use Planswift software, you will receive an audit trail with the paint estimate we send you. The software will accurately measure all the areas on the paint finish schedule tagged for paint such as walls, ceilings, and all trim, and any other surfaces that will be painted. You can also adjust your lists of materials automatically because we send you an Excel spreadsheet.

    Every single wall and ceiling surface will be accounted for whether it is a straight surface or a curved surface, making the planning and estimating process faster and more reliable than ever before.

    Project Estimates for Painting Contractors

    Total Takeoffs is helping to revolutionize the estimating game for painters. The ability to bid jobs quickly will allow you to focus on growing your business at rates than you ever thought imaginable.

    Not only do we specialize in estimating for painting contractors, but we also help dealer reps for painting manufacturers, wall covering contractors who install wallpaper, special coating contractors who deal with epoxy coating and polished concrete. We are dedicated to making the professionals in the industry more prepared and less stressed.

    When you can bid on a job with total confidence, you and your whole team can focus on managing the job, knowing that you received the most accurate report data available and are less likely to waste time and make costly mistakes. Total Takeoffs has you covered for all your bidding and estimating needs.