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    If you constantly discover on “bid opening day”, you either over or under bid the project and all your efforts and stress putting that bid together were for nothing, then look no further for an estimating solution than Total Takeoffs. Inc. We specialize in estimating for the drywall and gypsum board industry all types of building projects, including residential, multi-family, hospitality, assisted living, and many other commercial projects.

    By having hands-on experience with hanging and finishing drywall, we set ourselves apart by understanding firsthand the most minor and special details required to put a bid together accurately.

    Drywall Takeoff Estimating

    We utilize Planswift takeoff software and OST takeoff software to fully prepare your takeoffs as well as your drywall board lists, man-hour estimates, turnkey labor, and material estimates. We also ensure that all your materials are precisely estimated, including board counts, corner bead, buckets of mud, tape, fasteners, and more.

    Estimating Service for Drywall

    We understand that it is crucial to any drywall or gypsum job to accurately report all the different wall types specified on your project, especially those being hung with multiple layers of drywall. Our takeoffs on multi-family are itemized by building and per floor level, which you need for ordering and shipping purposes!

    We provide you with a consolidated list of materials that provide a summary of all materials for the entire project. We know that it is highly important to read the Finish Schedule, so you know the level of finish for the walls and ceilings and how crucial capturing the reflected ceiling plans and reading the soffit details are to putting an accurate estimate together. Planswift software helps eliminate the guesswork when putting together a bid or estimate for a drywall or gypsum job.

    Cost & Material Estimating for Drywall Contractors

    Total Takeoffs is helping to assist drywall contractors and dealer reps for gypsum manufacturers who require estimating services by being able to bid jobs quickly and create estimates more flawlessly. We can take the estimating work off your plate and alleviate the stress of bid deadlines so can you focus on managing your drywall crews, meeting with potential GC’s, and attend pre-bid meetings. We can help you complete an accurate cost estimate and material takeoffs.

    With the help of Total Takeoffs, it should not be a surprise if you find that your business begins to grow faster than you envisioned. We have decades of experience in the drywall estimating industry and a team of extremely skilled and knowledgeable estimators. We will work to make sure your projects get done on time without errors and are dedicated to making sure professionals like yourself come to the table prepared and ready to provide accurate bids and estimates for any job no matter how large or small. You and your whole team will be able to work with more confidence and less stress because you know you have the most up-to-date and accurate information at your fingertips.

    Total Takeoffs makes estimating drywall services effortless, relieving the worry and stress of missing any steps during a bid. You can rest assured that every aspect is covered for your next job.