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Field Audits

Construction Field Audit ServicesThis service is designed for local track builders who build standard floor plans with standard options. Here is how it works. After we provide you with a quantity survey, the project estimator assigned to your project will visit your job site to verify the correct items and quantities were delivered. You notify us if you need to order any additional materials.

Once the subcontractor has completed the field work and it has passed inspection, we will record if there is any material left on the job site. We will make the necessary adjustments to the takeoff based on this audit. A revised material list will be sent to you which will now serve as your new base material takeoff. Therefore the next time you build that particular model home you will have an exact material cost. This service is only needed one time for each model you build. Track builders that do not take advantage of this service are throwing away thousands of dollars due to extra material left on the job.

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