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Cost Validation

Cost validation is required when construction project expenses are questioned for a number of reasons including escalating values of building materials and labor - line items beyond your control. Our state of the art software and expert team can justify those additional expenses and reduce your liability.

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We use the latest takeoff and estimating software

For cost validation, the accuracy of an estimate can vary from one contractor to another. When damages occur, the reliability of the contractor's numbers is almost always brought into question. Total Takeoffs is among the few contractors who use sophisticated estimating software that factors fluctuations in material and labor prices.

Construction Cost Validation ServicesWhen recordkeeping is insufficient to substantiate the changes in trends that may have lead to damages, the original project documents may need scrutinizing to determine the actual cause of budget or building pricing overruns.

When we provide the original estimate, you can be assured that our cost validation system will help you avoid this scenario. We provide an audit trail along with detailed reports. However, if you are in mediation or litigation, we can provide expert testimony in cases where costs need to be validated. This also makes it unnecessary for the contractor to purchase expensive software and train personnel to use it.

We do not believe a contractor should waste valuable time hunting for documents to substantiate estimates. The Total Takeoffs team is well qualified to do the job using sophisticated, proven methods.

When it comes to cost validation our takeoff and estimating team has years of experience in the field of construction estimating and uses all the latest technology to estimate and keep records of every project from the original takeoff to the final proposal.

Let us put our advanced resources to work for you, including:

  • Planswift 9, the most widely used and accepted takeoff software in the industry
  • Design Cost Data magazine, which provides baseline data useful for preliminary or conceptual estimating and modeling
  • D4COST building, software for conceptual estimating that is based on historical construction data
  • RS Means Cost Works, state of the art estimating software with superior capabilities in determining numbers for material, building and construction
  • Several others. Our team is trained on several other products which we will use at the request of our customer; however we rely heavily on those aforementioned

Accuracy is vital to cost validation. We achieve this through careful attention to detail, leveraging the experience and skill of our team members, and by staying current on the latest software programs we use.

Whether you send us a 1D drawing on paper, a CAD file, or 3D Autodesk drawing, we can estimate from any form of electronic drawing or image file. We will accurately assess the labor and materials for each trade and put it all together into an estimate that you can rely on.

Why spend a small fortune on software and databases and still assume the risk of overruns and damages? Every penny counts in today's economic climate, and you simply cannot afford to take a gamble on estimating big-stakes projects. When you hire our team of professionals, you eliminate the guesswork and shelter yourself from unnecessary risk. We have the knowledge, the experience, the technology and the experts to do it all for you. This allows you to concentrate your time and energy on what you do best - running your business.

Total Takeoffs provides cost validation in Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona, Orlando, Lakeland, Ocala, Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota, Clearwater, Ft Myers, Naples, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami.

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