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Lumber Takeoff

Need a lumber list or framing takeoff on a construction project? We can help!

Overview - Let us calculate all the lumber materials required for your next building project. We are experts estimating the lumber quantities for any size building! We will accurately figure every piece of lumber including the sill plate, wall furring, interior structural and non-structural wall lumber, roof sheathing, and subfascia. We prepare the framing takeoff in Microsoft Excel formatted to your needs. We will email or fax it to you quickly! Request Estimating Service

Clients -
We have been providing lumber takeoffs to residential and commercial contractors, framers, and lumber yards for over twenty years.

Experience - We do hundreds of lumber takeoffs per year. In fact, we have a lumber estimator that does nothing but framing takeoffs.

Projects - Our portfolio of framing takeoffs includes single-family and multi-family residential homes and light commercial buildings. The building can be all wood structures or block construction, we estimate it all!

Benefits - You will receive the lumber takeoff within 24-36 hours.

Savings - You can purchase one of our Excel lumber takeoff templates to do the framing takeoff yourself which will help save some money over the long-term.

Summary - In a nut shell, we are extremely quick, accurate, and detailed when you hire us to do a lumber takeoff.

To view a sample lumber takeoff click here.

Here are some typical lumber estimating questions we receive.

Who do we provide lumber estimates to?

We provide lumber takeoffs to anyone that needs a lumber list including homeowners. Our typical client's are builders, commercial contractors, framing contractors, lumber yards, and do-it-your selfers.

How fast can we do a framing takeoff?

We always let you know before we start a job when you can expect it back. Our typical turnaround times are as follows; most residential homes either 1 or 2 stories, you will receive the material list within 24 hours On most multi-family and light commercial buildings you will receive it within 36 hours. We will email it or fax it to you within these time frames.

What is our experience doing lumber takeoffs?

We do hundreds of lumber takeoffs per year. In fact, we have a lumber estimator that does nothing but lumber takeoffs. Our senior lumber estimator was a framing contractor and a lumber salesman for many years. Another lumber estimator we employ is also a licensed framing contractor.

How detailed are the lumber takeoffs?
We count ever piece of lumber required for your project. We separate the first floor framing lumber from the second floor framing lumber. We itemize the wall furring material, interior non-load bearing walls, any bearing walls and shear walls, the exterior framing, roof sheathing, and sub-fascia
What document and format do we prepare the takeoff in?

We keep it simple. We use Microsoft Excel because it imports into most estimating programs. We provide you with two work sheets within the workbook. The first sheet is an itemized list detailing where every piece of lumber goes and the other sheet is a summary list that is used for ordering. We organize the takeoff by grouping each species of wood together and listing them by size. So whether you are a contractor who needs more detail or a lumber salesman bidding the job, you have a takeoff that is accurate.

Can we use one of your Excel spreadsheets?

Yes we can. This makes it easy for builders who use item codes and cost codes because we are just filling in the quantities. Email us your template and we will input the quantities.

What do we need from you to do a framing takeoff?

Our lumber estimator needs a full set of architectural floors plans with details and wall sections as well as structural plans to accurately estimate all the required lumber and framing hardware. You can email us your plans as a PDF file or if you use an online plan room we can download them from there.

What do we do when the plans have mistakes?

When we identify any errors with the plans or missing details, we will make the necessary notation or make a comment on the takeoff. That way before you start the project you can make the correction before it becomes a problem for your superintendent and ultimately the framing contractor.

How accurate are the lumber estimates we do?

We do this everyday and have a track record for providing accurate takeoffs. We can provide you a reference list upon request.

How can we save you money by doing the framing takeoffs?

Because we identify where every piece of lumber goes you have the ability to effectively scrutinize any variance requests from your superintendent or framer. You can then process the request and determine whether it was a delivery problem, theft, or a change order and then cost code it accordingly.

Why not ask my lumber salesman or my framer to do the takeoff?

You could, but typically your salesman will inflate your unit prices for providing this service. Salesmen are trying to sell more, not sit in the office and do takeoffs. Coupled with the fact that your salesman knows he is awarded the job based on having the lowest bid. And if you have your framer do it, they will pad the list. Because making additional trips to the job costs him money when the framing package is short. Neither has your best interest at hand.

How much does it cost for a lumber estimate?

First email us your construction drawings and you will receive a QUOTE so you will know the cost upfront. Commercial estimates are quoted on a per job basis due to the size and complexity of the project.

How can we help lumber companies increase sales?

There are two parts to your business; cultivating new business and generating repeat business. As a lumber salesman your time should be spent out selling, not reading blue prints and doing lumber takeoffs. When you are inside doing takeoffs instead of selling, you may not be meeting your sales quotas. By allowing us to do the lumber estimate for you, you can quote more jobs and meet with new contractors. You will be able to service more of your existing accounts more often, especially your bigger ones, thus building better relationships with them. Builders are appreciative having you as a trade partner because of the great service you provide, along with providing an accurate lumber takeoff. You will receive fewer requests for material pickups. Our detailed lumber lists make it easy for you to provide lumber quotes. The lumber lists are in Microsoft Excel so you can input your customer's pricing and email it to them quickly. The increase in service will help generate more repeat lumber orders for you!

What areas of the country do we service?

We offer Construction Material Estimating and Construction Cost Consulting in the following Florida markets: Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona, Orlando, Lakeland, Ocala, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Naples, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Miami.

Cost Estimating Services Nationwide:

Our construction estimating services are also offered Nationwide.

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