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We offer simplified and effective solutions for projects of all sizes and varying degrees of com-plexity by breaking things down into smaller, more manageable categories. For over 30 years, Total Takeoffs has been delivering reliable and easy solutions to contractors’ needs for writing efficient and accurate estimates. If you are looking for quality MEP estimating services that can improve your bottom line and secure more contracts, Total Takeoffs has you covered from start to finish.

Mechanical Estimates:

Mechanical estimates need to be made with as much accuracy as possible; a slight misstep in these estimates can be very costly to the overall bottom line of your project. Our staff is extremely well-versed and knowledgeable regarding the finite details needed to make an accurate mechanical estimate. We can walk you through step by step to ensure you can confidently bid on even the most complex projects.

Electrical Estimates:

There are a lot of pieces and moving parts in writing accurate electrical estimates. MEP Contractors We can help guide you and your team through identifying what mitigating risk and loss look like. Total Takeoffs can help you develop new strategies that can assist you with making more precise and accurate estimates. We provide electricians with the proper tools necessary to write estimates, ensuring that every last fitting clip is accounted for and providing you with the ability to avoid minor miscalculations that can quickly add up to costly errors.

Plumbing Estimates:

Writing estimates for large contracts can seem a little overwhelming for commercial plumbers, but with Total Takeoffs, we can help you put new practices into place that can help streamline your growth. We can guide you from start to finish everything you need to give you the confidence to know that you are walking into any job, any size, fully equipped and prepared for what-ever is thrown your way. With Total Takeoffs MEP estimating services, you can grow your business and bid on more pro-jects by spending less time concerned about material and labor estimates simply by relying on us to do the heavy lifting for you. We offer a fully comprehensive and dynamic solution to your MEP estimates. We make it easy for you and your team to automate your estimating process to deliver premium results with more ease and flexibility to bid. Call us today at (833) 686-2727 if you are ready to enhance your capabilities and secure more project bids with ease and accuracy.

Electrical Samples

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