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If you are not the one to impress your potential clients, your competition will be. This is why providing accurate and detailed construction cost estimates is so important. Total Takeoffs can take you to the next level by creating more efficient bids, helping you land more business with satisfied customers. Civil project estimates are complex and can be detrimental to your company's success if prepared incorrectly. We provide software that does the heavy lifting for you saving your time with fewer errors.

Earthwork Contractors

Total Takeoffs for earthwork contractors help convert 2-D plans into 3-D earthwork plans for placing bids. This unique takeoff will compare what is already in existence within the topography with a design that is being proposed with accurate cut and fill calculations. This process makes it possible for any contractor looking at empty land to know how much dirt must be removed or added within a cubic yard before construction begins.

Site Contractors

A quality sitework contractor can ensure that your project starts on the right foot. Civil Contractors Sitework preparation is complex, and your project can be sabotaged from the beginning without the proper tools. Total Takeoffs can help with all the calculations and preparation, from soil testing to site clearing, grading, and compaction. In addition, we can help you write your estimates with quality and precision to help your site planning go off without a hitch.

Underground Utility Contractors

We can help underground utility contractors develop storm and sanitary calculations, including defined cut brackets for linear feet necessary for backfill and pipe excavation. Our software takes the data and imports it as bid items that are then turned into accurate cost estimates. Total Takeoffs benefits subcontractors by helping to identify and keep track of pricing by material suppliers so that any last-minute changes can easily be changed within the total estimate. If you are a subcontractor looking to win more bids and increase business without adding more work to your plate, let Total Takeoffs estimating services do the heavy lifting and provide you with more accurate and efficient estimates. For over 30 years, we have been providing contractors with quality and service that lead the industry in estimating software. If you want to bid multiple jobs without the worry of costly mistakes, call us today and find out how our services can help you grow.

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