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The demand for rental property is on a steady incline. However, during the COVID19 pandemic, there have been many obstacles to building new development projects. With the supply chain shortages driving up the cost of lumber, the construction estimate for your apartment or townhome project must be accurate.

Why Accurate Estimates are Important

Business agreements are usually contractually binding, so the initial stage of drafting them is incredibly critical. Construction estimates can have a significant impact on businesses and the customer.

Accurate estimates in construction are essential for the following reasons:

  1. Accurate estimates can save money
  2. Accurate Estimating practices win more work
  3. Honest estimates reflect company values

The 10 Steps for Accurate Construction Estimation

  1. Get a precise and Detailed Scope of the Project
  2. Use stick estimating to gauge costs
  3. Become familiar with calculating costs by hand
  4. Use Unit Cost Estimating for Speed
  5. Incorporate Estimating Software appropriately
  6. Calculate costs for labor and materials
  7. Set up a markup to yield profits
  8. Be detailed in your labor costs
  9. Weigh best and worst-case scenarios
  10. Be clear about preliminary and finalized estimates

Total Takeoffs Makes Sure Your Apartment and Townhome Construction Estimation is Accurate

For the past 20 years, Total Takeoffs has successfully estimated thousands of apartments and townhome construction projects. Making the process simple, our team utilizes their skill, experience, and advanced knowledge of the Planswift software to create accurate Estimating Reports for our clients.

Total Takeoffs delivers accurate cost estimates within a 24-48 hour time window. Utilizing its solid 20 years of experience, our surveyors use skill, experience, and an advanced level of operation of many takeoff software programs to give developers the most accurate cost estimating for their next apartment and/ or townhome project.

Our surveyors will utilize the Planswift estimation software to create an accurate takeoff for whatever your apartment project needs are, including:

  • Roofing
  • Concrete
  • Painting
  • Site-work
  • Drywall
  • Electric
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • More

Every project is unique. Every project comes with its cost-driving factors. Apartment buildings and townhomes are no exception. Total Takeoffs will deliver a highly accurate cost estimate for your next project so you can focus on the many other aspects of the development process without the worry of inaccurate cost estimation.

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