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Conceptual Estimate

You want a conceptual estimate when you need a cost evaluation for the feasibility of a project; for raising capital or other requirements. You can count on our proven experience to save you time and money. You can get the estimates that you need at the front end of project planning. Call now for expert service.

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A conceptual estimate is often the beginning of a design and build project. Information is not complete. But even if you are missing "pieces of the puzzle", you need accurate estimating. This is where our longtime experience and skill will benefit you.

Let us provide you with confident cost estimating based on whatever details you have determined and can provide. With the 3-D BIM designs we create, it becomes easy for you to weigh the viability of a proposal. It makes it simpler for you to view, share and discuss changes in plans.

Construction Conceptual Estimate ServiceWe've been providing estimates for more than thirty years, and our estimators have developed finely tuned skills when it comes to plugging in:

  • Indefinite information
  • Missing information
  • Typical associated costs for a given space

The powerful conceptual estimate software that will be used on your project takes the information you have available and imports it to an Excel spread sheet, which can be sent out to your sources for pricing. Once the best figures come back, you will be provided with the estimated overall cost of your conceived project. This way, determinations can be derived and decisions can be made with confidence. You can get the answers you need to critical questions:

  • Is the proposed project financially feasible?
  • Is it within predetermined budgeting?
  • How does the initial cost weigh against the operating costs over the life of the building?
  • Is the construction cost efficient?
  • Is there room for trimming costs, if required, in order to proceed?
  • Does the conceptual estimate address all possible unknown factors such as insufficient information or possible price increases?

Here's an example: you may have available a project's square footage, the type of construction, and electrical and plumbing requirements - but the lighting, fire and security elements might be undetermined. We know, or even have cataloged, the historical costs of these items (according to the size of each space), and can plug them in. This can give you the confidence you need in the numbers.

A conceptual estimate can be useful at varying points along the timeline of a construction concept. It could be a study to determine whether or not a proposed idea is worth exploring further, or an actual cost estimate for a design that has already been created.

Your successful conceptual estimate will be determined by an experienced estimator armed with the proper tools and a good view of the overall picture. You can trust our years of forecasting costs of materials and labor, knowledge of relevant markets. You can have confidence in the state of the art estimating software that will be employed on your project.

Our proven concept estimating track record speaks for itself. It allows us to work quickly, accurately and cost effectively - even with missing information. We have the know-how to create a proposal that is crystal clear and concise - with room for change.

Please call now at
(833) MTO-ASAP
(833) 686-2727.
We are happy to provide you with a quote for any of our services.

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