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BIM Estimate

The use of a Building Information Model or BIM estimate has become among the most valuable tools for:

  • Arriving at an accurate estimate
  • Sharing information, or changes in plans that may arise after the initial concept

The BIM is a multidimensional building model that is provided by the architect. For the estimator, it provides a point and click method to precisely measure square footage and linear footage of structures. This enables him to compile a bill of materials that can be sent out for pricing. Any missing information can be filled-in from data saved from past projects. If a change is made during or after the initial estimate or during construction, the BIM allows these changes to be accessed by all interested parties so that there are no missteps.

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A BIM estimate makes the construction process multi-dimensional. It improves efficiency, accuracy and productivity. You can take advantage of our cutting edge BIM technology to get precise and timely estimates. It is just one of the ways that Total Takeoffs can help you land and complete successful projects.

A BIM Estimate Makes Project Planning Complete, Transparent and Nimble.

It is a tool that further enhances the accuracy and efficiency of estimates, leaving no element to chance. Let us show you how we can import the most accurate information from your model to our estimate.

BIM EstimatesA BIM estimate visually analyzes the material requirements for your building project though a three-dimensional computer model. It also factors in time and cost. This is a revolutionary, time saving and precise method for:

  • Determining the cost of materials
  • Offering the opportunity to make up to the minute changes
  • Providing that information to all concerned.

Using your BIM, we can save you valuable time and protect your project from loss due to miscalculations. Your project can literally be built through the model and even unpredictable factors can be figured into the estimate.

With your BIM estimate you can rest assured that no important piece of information is incorrect and no measurement was calculated incorrectly. These are factors that could make the difference between profitability and loss on your construction project. With the BIM provided by your architect, we are able to read model geometry and measure every square foot of area and linear foot of structure, with just a mouse click. This provides precision information to determine your true quantity of required materials. Takeoff quantities can be estimated more quickly and accurately.

This provides you with true cost planning due to the fact that change orders are always a part of any project. The estimated cost will be altered accordingly. The estimator is able to notify immediately all of the stakeholders when an imminent change might affect project design and cost. As details are added over time, the project becomes more refined and the estimate evolves accordingly.

The BIM estimate advantage is that you are actually able to see a 3D model and compare it to the schedules, and to see individual items highlighted within the model. This ensures that all concerned parties understand more clearly how changes can affect costs and are able to make decisions based on the information. The estimator is able to show the designer and owner the exact amount of impact these changes will have on the project to aid in keeping it under control.

A BIM estimate is a marked improvement from the hand counter and colored pencils once used in takeoff estimating, however, the estimators role has increased dramatically. He is no longer only required to provide only counts and labors costs, adding and subtracting as changes are made. He is involved with the critical communication of all aspects of the job from onset to completion. With a BIM provided by you and your architect, we become your watchdog for potential error and your insurance against loss. With our experienced estimator on constant vigil, you can be sure that no deviation from the original plans and specs will escape detection.

Let us show you how a BIM Estimate can work to your advantage. We also utilize other estimating software like Planswift and Quest Estimator. Our 30 years of experience has allowed us to advance in step with all the technological changes that have left much of our competitors bewildered and behind. Our extensive list of completed projects ranges from residential homes to extensive commercial projects stretching across the entire country and in the Caribbean. Use our expertise to your advantage and for your protection on your next project.

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