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Estimating Services

At Total Takeoffs, we specialize in providing a wide range of building cost estimates for both residential and commercial building projects. Whether it’s bid estimates, project cost management, conceptual cost estimates, material takeoffs or material field audits, our experts have more than 20 years experience as leaders in the construction estimating industry.

Detailed, accurate estimates to ensure your project runs smoothly
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If you are a builder or contractor and want your project to go as smoothly as possible from start to finish, you can trust our experience and expertise to meet your needs each and every time.

Takeoff Reports

One of the reports we offer is called a Takeoff Report. This is the most affordable report available and it is usually the report needed when at the bidding stage of a new project. The process consists of a contractor looking through construction drawings and identifying the various components that are required for the job. We would then provide them with the specific measurements and counts that apply to their list. This process is also called "digitizing" a set of plans using our takeoff software.

A construction cost estimator is capable of the following takeoffs:

Bill of Quantity Reports

Estimating ServicesThe most detailed report we provide to contractors is the Bill of Quantity report. After a contractor has been awarded a building contract, they are required to order and then deliver all of the necessary building materials to the job site. This report is also known as a Bill of Materials list, and the ones we provide are the most detailed in the industry. Most estimators don’t have the experience or the resources to deliver a Bill of Materials list that compares with what Total Takeoffs can offer. We ensure detailed, precise, and thoroughly calculated information in order to provide our clients with accurate reports to begin the construction process.

Unit Cost Estimate Reports

When a contractor needs to submit a complete price for a full project, a quality Unit Cost Estimate Report is necessary. We have provided detailed Estimate Reports for many of our clients who don’t have the experience to estimate a project as accurately as possible, don’t have the time, or just want a second opinion. Our clients have benefited greatly from this report, as it provides unit costs for the local market. At Total Takeoffs, we ensure that your Unit Cost Estimate Report will provide you with a complete breakdown of costs, so you can feel confident that the materials you are using are the right ones and your project stays on track.

If you are a contractor that is planning a new project and need the most detailed, accurate estimates to ensure your project runs smoothly, get in touch with us today at (833) 686-2727 for a quote and to learn more about what we do.

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