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Certified Estimators

Total Takeoffs has successfully estimated hundreds of construction projects around the country and overseas. We have a reputation for accuracy and quick completion times.

Our freelance estimators are field experienced with a diverse background in residential, commercial, and civil construction estimating.

We are proficient using various computer construction estimating systems.

Total Takeoffs is a member of the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) and has the ability to certify our estimates. Most banks only recognize estimates from CPE's.

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Company Profile

Our team of professional estimators is managed by a senior cost estimator who has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Construction Technology and an MBA.

We staff a residential, commercial, and civil estimator. The residential estimator only works on residential projects and our commercial estimator works on the commercial projects. This approach of matching an estimator with his discipline to your project ensures that you will receive the most accurate cost estimate or quantity survey.

Our estimators have field experience as well, so we are not just "bean counters". This field experience includes masonry, framing, roofing, and trim carpentry. We provide accurate and detailed material takeoffs.

Our estimators have worked on various construction projects ranging in size and complexity. The estimates have been for small residential homes to complex commercial structures.

Our network of estimators are proficient with many estimating programs. We have an estimator that is proficient with Planswift and another estimator that uses IHMS Mark Systems. To view the list of the other estimating systems we use please click on the Software Consulting page link in the left navigation bar. We are also experts using Microsoft Excel. We have built some takeoff and estimating templates that you can purchase which will dramatically speed up doing your material takeoffs and automate your estimating process. We can even customize one for you.

The credentials and experience we have exceeds what other freelance estimators have. With the current state of the construction industry having a cost consultant and cost engineer that is experienced, accurate, and efficient has never been more important. We will help you win more bids and help increase your profits.


Estimating Affiliations
We are members of the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) and follow their guidelines and code of ethics set forth. The monthly meetings we attend help keep us informed with the latest construction news and estimating information. We have guest speakers that include various industry professionals as well as officials from the local building departments. The meetings also provide an opportunity to network with other estimators.

Most estimators after they receive their college degree and get a job in estimating never attend refresher courses. We strongly believe in continuing education so our estimating skills never atrophy over time so we attend estimating workshops and seminars. These workshops help inform us of the latest advances in estimating and construction techniques. We are always on the cutting edge with information, technology, and business practices.

Contractor Associations

We are members of NAHB. This helps promote fellowship and network with other contractors. As a member of NAHB, we are informed with what is going on within construction and the government. It is important that we are members of the estimating and contractor associations, not just from the aspect of business development but also they help represent our voice in Washington by protecting our business interests.

Membership Certification

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