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Construction Estimating for Apartments and Townhomes

The demand for rental property is on a steady incline. However, during the COVID19 pandemic, there have been many obstacles to building new development projects. With the supply chain shortages driving up the cost of lumber, the construction estimate for your apartment or townhome project must be accurate.

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Using a Construction Estimator to Control Costs In Multifamily Construction

With the housing and rental markets booming in the wake of the recent slowdown, multi-family housing construction is at a new high. In order to secure the contract to build for new projects, competition is quick and fierce.

It is more important than ever to manage the time it takes to create a bid and ensure that you come in lower than the competition and that your projections are realistic. While many contractors have great experience building, the recent interruptions in the supply chain have made creating estimates problematic and a grueling process.

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Construction Estimating for Owner Builders

Anyone who has done any type of new home construction or home improvement project knows how tricky it can be, to say the least! For those of you that have never undertaken a construction project, it can be and will be, the most overwhelming and stressful experience you will ever go through! There are all kinds of processes and obstacles, such as securing the bank loan, dealing with the architect, securing the building permit from your local building department, and finally dealing with your local subcontractors and suppliers.

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Swift and Accurate Hospitality Construction Estimation

For the hospitality industry, Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) is expected to increase in 2022 by 34.3 percent for the 65 Horizons markets during the year. As the world recovers from the global pandemic, individuals and families resume traveling with less concern about contracting or spreading the COVID19 virus.

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