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    Disputing Your Home Insurance Claim After Hurricane Damage in Alabama

    Have you fallen victim to this year's crushing hurricanes in Alabama? Are you in dispute with your insurance company about getting the proper value of repairing your home after wind and water damage? Recently, more and more residents like yourself are at the mercy of your insurance adjuster to quickly settle a claim so you can rebuild your home following the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. But the estimate isn’t always what it should be.

    If your home has suffered flood damage as a direct result of a hurricane, you will need to file a claim, and an adjuster will be sent out to examine your property and estimate how much the insurance company will need to payout. The hope is that the home insurance quote is enough to cover the cost of repairs, but sadly, that isn't always the reality. In some cases, the quote for repairs is much lower than the actual expense of fixing the damage. That is where receiving an independent home estimate can help in disputing a home insurance claim.

    If you feel that you have been given an estimate that is too low for the cost of repairing your hurricane-damaged home in Alabama, call Total Takeoffs today at (833) 686-2727 and let us get you a true and fair independent estimate and help you dispute the home insurance claims.

    What to Do When Your Home Insurance Quote is Too Low

    Once you have received your quote from the insurance adjuster, you may disagree with the quote that was submitted. In that situation, you will need to understand how your insurance coverage is set up. Your policy may work in one of two ways. One, your policy may state that you are fully covered regardless of whether the water damaged area has aged or not, which means they will deal with your claim based on how much it costs in today's market for supplies and tax. Two, your policy may account for depreciation and only pay based on the value of the damaged items prior to the hurricane water damage. Understanding how your coverage is laid out can be key when speaking with your insurance company and knowing whether or not to proceed with disputing the adjuster’s quote for your property.

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    Getting an Independent Home Insurance Quote Following Hurricane Flood Damage

    After you have discussed a claim amount adjustment with your insurance company, you will need to show that the estimate you received was lower than what it will cost to repair the flood damage to your home. As specialists in residential estimating, we can provide you with a complete and accurate cost to repair hurricane water damage and dispute the insurance claim. Once you have your quote, you can contact the insurance company to submit the documentation for them to review and possibly make an adjustment to your claim. Having a reputable company like us can help give you a solid case with your insurance company to settle your claim for a higher amount.

    Hurricanes can devastate homes and businesses, and the last thing you need to face is trying to fight with your insurance company to repair your home. We can help get you a fast and accurate estimate so that you can move forward with rebuilding your home and your life with peace of mind and security.

    For more information on how Total Takeoffs can help you receive a fair quote for your hurricane-damaged home in Alabama, call us today (833) 686-2727.

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