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If you own a civil construction business and are looking to outsource your estimating work, Total Takeoffs, Inc has you covered. We are the nation’s most reputable civil estimating company specializing in producing Agtek 4D estimate reports with experience working on the following types of projects:

  • DOT
  • Heavy infrastructure
  • Site development

Are you spending all your time on your equipment or in the field managing your crews? Do you struggle with estimating and bidding on civil projects? Call us today to find out how we can help you with Agtek Sitework 4D. This advanced software is designed to provide the most accurate earthwork takeoffs, and with our 20 years of using this software, our customers are consistently pleased with our accuracy and high level of professionalism!

We deliver to you the following earthwork reports:

  • 3D View
  • Plan View
  • Cut/Fill Map
  • Volumes Report

We also provide a Google Earth model and IF needed, a site balance report which tells the developer and civil engineer how much the site elevation would need to be raised or lowered to have the site balance.

Our Field Experience

Total Takeoffs Inc is an expert in the field of civil estimating; you won’t find a freelancer out there that can come close to matching our experience or level of customer service. We are proficient with all the key requirements for accurately calculating cut & fill, with a full grasp on how to properly analyze a Geotech Report (aka Borings Report) and incorporate the engineer’s findings into the takeoff. Total Takeoffs knows how critical it is to visit the job site and inspect existing conditions.

Key questions we are sure to always ask:

“What thickness do you need to strip the site?”
“What thickness is all the site demolition?”
“What additional percentage to add to cover for compaction, aka shrink and swell?”

Stop Doing Cut Fill Takeoffs by Hand

It is common knowledge within the industry that accurately doing excavation estimates by hand takes a lot of time. To maintain accuracy, your grid needs to be tight, and that requires time. Sitework 4D software can do that with a higher level of accuracy and speed.

Expert Use with Agtek Sitework 4D

Agtek is an extremely expensive piece of software, approximately $40 k for all modules and $1500 per year for annual support and maintenance, and it will take a great deal of time to master. Fortunately, we are experts in utilizing the software and specialize in all aspects of estimating civil jobs, including:

  • cut fill estimates
  • civil estimates
  • dirt estimates
  • earthwork estimates
  • excavation estimates
  • grading estimates
  • heavy infrastructure estimates
  • infrastructure estimates
  • pipe estimates
  • site estimates
  • sitework estimates
  • site development estimates
  • utility estimates
  • underground services estimates

Total Takeoffs has the best industry software coupled with hands-on field experience. With us in your corner as your expert civil estimator, we can put you ahead of the game against your competitors when it comes to bidding for civil jobs.

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