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About Us

Total Takeoffs, Inc. has been assisting owner-builders all around the US, the Caribbean, and Canada for 20 years!
Our expertise in residential construction will empower you to truly be your own “contractor” and save huge amounts of money, as much as 25%!

We understand building methods and materials for every region of the country. We also provide value engineering services when your architect and engineer either have missing construction details or “over” engineer your building project.
As an active member of the American Society of Professional estimators, we deliver quality and accurate materials takeoffs and cost budgets which follow ASPE guidelines.

Owner-builders continually tell us how valuable our service is to them. Had they not hired us, their project would have turned into a major disaster.

Home Depot and Lowe’s stores trust us and refer their customers to us, because they know the quality of our work!
We pride ourselves on being an American company, and do not offshore our estimating to freelancers in third world countries. The other online estimating companies pose themselves as a US based company. So, call us and see for yourself!

American Society of Professional Estimators

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